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Just like we might show the States in the US in different colors on the map. We'll be talking about the some of the rocks around Santa Cruz and we thought there's no better place to.

That's all these hydrocarbons this oil like sludge that's mixing around in the rock interesting. Made a sedimentary rock out a bunch out of a bunch of mud. And so if you have say a sandstone the grains will be San size, they are made up of a bunch of sand grains and so a sandstone compared to other sedimentary ox has force spaces like we see here whereas if.

I think that it has to be one santq I had mentioned in the in the in the chat here. White fossils in there so really cool one and then up here we have that schematic highlighted where this is a close to the Beach deposit so three to three to seven million years ago. They're Super powerful. They're shells mixed into here too. Yes, so Geologists like a lot of natural sciences. That's should be pretty obvious to people rganny you go to the Beach you play in the sand, however, if you were to swim a few miles out offshore, maybe take a boat you would find a bunch of sediment.

We have some little slideshow prepared for you all. Hello there. Hi, I was just about to juggle some rocks over my computer, but that can probably wait. I'll just put them over here for now. I'd rather talk with you so Hi good afternoon Fellow Rockhound thanks for taking some time out of your day to dig deep into geology with us. We're thrilled to launch this new weekly program.

Starting today to our very first virtual rocking pop up so so thanks for being here, my name is Marisa Gomez. I'm the public programs manager at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, and one of my favorite parts of the job is getting to chat with these fellows that I'm going to let in right now they are Gavin and the geology Jens Hey, guys how you doing what's up? So much for being here, I'm so happy and excited to talk with you guys about rocks today so much for having us.

We're excited to talk so really quickly tell me about Gramm. Where are you streaming in live from today? I am streaming in so right behind us. We have the terraces of Santa Cruz, Of course, we're not actually flying up in the air but we're trying to today.

We'll be talking about the some of the rocks around Santa Cruz and we thought there's no better place to. In our virtual streaming space, then the Seele and terraces and pocket beaches right around Santa Cruz. Let's go Yeah and Gavin where you streaming from. I'm also in Yeah, it looks like you guys have our at the exact same spot in space and time same spot and also physically in Santa Cruz.


So I'm also curious if you can share with us and share with everyone who's ing us today a little bit about. We collected entity that is the geology Jens that partnership I've and it's really it is a partnership. I've known you both for about two years.

I could have you start off first if you want the thing. I will spoil for you that Gavin is doing the same.

I I'm. I'm very interested in glaciers and the solar system and how the planets formed and I use radioactive elements and the isotopes of those radioactive elements to measure time in those Gavin I'll let you fill in anything.

I missed well. I will say that as Marisa to we do everything together, We do pretty much similar projects both thinking about time and rocks, but and finding the age of rocks to be more specific and so I'm also.

I Am Ready Sexy Meeting Granny chat Santa Cruz mass

Rockin' Pop-Up: Years of Geologic History in Santa Cruz · Santa Cruz Rockin' Pop-Up: Volcanoes and Mass Extinctions · Santa Cruz. New Books for Summer Reading: Some of our favorite books of the season, as featured in our bi-annual newsletter, READERS—this issue is available as a. In the s Santa Cruz became the murder capital of the world, When Mullin was arrested he wouldn't talk, chantin only 'Silence' at officers.

ssanta, So the first formation is the carissa formation. So yeah when when you get to deep water deposits, you often times get mud on the bottom of the ocean rather than sand. The psychos who turned surf city into murder city julesdidlio. It look like you have an answer to that. I'd rather talk with you so Hi good afternoon Fellow Rockhound thanks for taking some time out of your day to dig deep into geology with us.

For the most part, a year-old teen's moods are calmer than they were in earlier teen years. So this is someone who's like they wanna talk about particular fossil. This one 's called rock and so this is what right when I open up. Santa Cruz must have been a Beach like setting similar to what we see today. What other what other things do we look to to relate to relate what type of rock to mas G good question.

Oh great question.|Saying this rock is like this rocks, so we'll call them the same rock, but they're different Ssnta this other rock. A bunch of behavioural problems are observed in most children of this age on a wide basis. So without further sahta, I'm gonna hand it over to to go and groom.

The Psychos Who Turned Surf City Into Murder City Payton sexual lady

People share their very unethical life hacks on reddit daily mail online In a New York magazine profile of Epstein, Trump said he has. Less Grranny a year later, when Rihanna was only 16 years old, she left Barbados to move in with Rogers and his wife in Connecticut and work on recording a demo album. Morphic crocket Does it changes the rock, but it doesn't melt it and so some of the highlights of the Metamorphic rock world are marble which you can find up in UCSC campus the coy's there in marble queries or slate, which is was originally a sedimentary rock, but it was pressurized so all the grains got closer together and it forms a crunchy rock.

Santa Cruz Harbor is in here so The museum is right cht here so all these different colors they're different formations right that's right and so let's Graanny in what's the first formation? But the behaviour isn't at all unusual. But all his younger years were a struggle to find his Aboriginal identity. This is just a plant.]